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10 Tips for Choosing Your Abaya

Do you wear abayas everyday or do you love to put on an elegant abaya on occasion? In both case, there are tips to follow to make sure you choose the right abaya for your outfit.

Have a look at these 10 helpful fashion tips for choosing the perfect abaya!

1. The perfect length

One important thing to know about abayas, is that they are measured in length. So, the sizing options (S, M, L, XL, XXL) will change the length of your abaya. When selecting your size, make sure to check the length so that it suits you. Knowing this will save you from getting draped under your own feet!

The best way to make sure your abaya fits you correctly is by measuring through the shoulder right down to the foot.

Are you often wearing heels? Keep that in mind when you choose your overlay. It is important to find the length that will perfect for both flats and heels.

2. The flattering fit

Abayas are available in different shapes. There are closed abayas, open abayas, with or without belt, with ruffles for fluffiness, kimono types and much more... Knowing your body type is crucial when choosing an abaya. This will help you choose an abaya with a flattering fit for you.

The "Jenna" Three Piece Abaya, which includes:

  1. an underdress,

  2. a removable apron skirt,

  3. an open & wide abaya,

is perfect to accentuate your waist and create an hour glass shape.

This gorgeous three piece comes in black, beige, coffee and army green.

3. The right sleeves

Sleeves play a huge part in the overall look of your abaya. It is important to notice the differences in sleeves as there are various kind. A fancy abaya will usually have wide and detailed sleeves. While an everyday abaya, would have more simple, fitted sleeves. You wouldn't want to pick wide sleeves for your everyday life because they might get stuck in doors, for example.

Our stunning "Inahi" Open Satin Abaya showcase elastic cuffs, which makes it perfect for an everyday wear. This abaya comes in white and army green.

4. The quality of the fabric

You can find a countless amount of abayas online. At Jaela Luxury Modest Fashion, quality is our priority. We know that the fabric of a dress makes or breaks it. That's why we only use premium fabrics for our pieces.

Choosing the right fabric for your abaya will instantly elevate your look. In our online boutique, you have a lot to choose from... from linen to satin but also nida, jersey, chiffon and many more...

5. The outfit underneath

Enjoying a look that is layered? Then select an undergarment that does not over power or stuff to your stylish abaya.

Wearing a simple, light and classy dress under your abaya is a perfect solution to achieve a stunning look as well as a smart way to have enough layers.

For a memorable look, we also recommend wearing an all black simple outfit (legging + tee-shirt, for example) under a colorful and detailed abaya like our "Esme" Beaded Chiffon Abaya.

6. The weather

Choosing the perfect abaya for your event also depends on the weather. Selecting a material that provides you with comfort is certainly a necessity.

Attending an outdoor wedding in the summer? Stay looking trendy without overheating by going for a lightweight choice. Our best seller "Amaya" Satin Three Piece Abaya is perfect as it is made from a satin fabric which keeps you cool and will make you stand out, in the most elegant way.

This satin abaya three piece is truly one of a kind and comes in black, nude and purple.

7. The design

The classic black abaya is timeless and you can never go wrong with it. Especially when you are likely to go to a conference, at work, or invest the afternoon with friends.

Choose your go-to ordinary abaya this is certainly black colored you may never be let down.

8. The details

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Details are not to be forsaken. Details will make a big difference in your outfit. Selecting a design with gorgeous work like hand-crafted embellishment or beads on the sleeves will add additional glamour to your modest outfit. And you will certainly stand out.

You might get a tasteful black abaya adorned with beautiful sparkling embellishments and look absolutely gorgeous. Like in our "Hanna" Closed Abaya that showcase embellished sleeves.

This beautiful abaya has pockets for a more casual look and comes with a belt. It is available in black, gray and squash.

9. The finishes

You might think "do people actually notice wrinkled clothes?". The answer is yes! If you wish to look your best in your beautiful abaya, your clothes must always be well-ironed / steamed and never wrinkled as you will otherwise look shabby.

Be sure to maintain your clothes looking brand new by steaming them and putting them on a hanger if possible. It could make an old abaya appear to be new and will make any outfit stand out for the finish that is certainly perfect.

Ensure that you not steam it too hot, or else you might destroy the fabric.

10. The occasion

Choosing the perfect abaya for a special event can be tough. The best way is to ask your friends/family with whom you're going how they plan on dressing. That way, you can plan accordingly and choose a stunning piece that is set to wow.

You shouldn't be afraid to style modestly! Play around by adding accessories, matching or same tone hijab, colorful heels and more... Be creative! Life is too short to have boring clothes.

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