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How to Choose the Best Hijab for your Skin Tone

Our hijabs are the first thing we notice. Most of us tend to go towards black when choosing a hijab. For the simple reason that it goes with almost every outfit! But if you're thinking about adding some colors, you might wonder what is the best color shade for your skin complexion. Indeed, some colors may or may not be flattering on you. So, it is essential to know your skin tone in order to choose the perfect hijab shades for your skin complexion. Keep reading to know more about color association and tones...

1. How to determine your skin tone and undertone?

First of all, what is the difference between these two, you might ask?

  1. Well, your skin tone is your complexion. It can be Light, Medium or Dark (with nuances in between).

  2. While the undertone of your skin is "a subdued or muted tone" of your skin tone. It basically means that you could appear more yellowish or bluish in winter compare to others with the same skin tone. There are also three types of undertones, which are cool, warm and neutral.

Knowing your skin color and undertone is a super hack in choosing the right hijab color. But if you have no idea what your undertone is, here are two simple methods to find out:

Method #1: Take a look at the color of your veins. Do they appear blue/purple or green?

  • If your veins have a blue or purple shade, your undertone is cool.

  • If your veins tends to green, your undertone is warm.

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Method #2: Take a look at your eye color. The eye color has also proven to be a clue to undertones.

  • If you have light color eyes alike sky-blue and light hazelnut, it might indicate that your undertone is cool.

  • While if you have dark eyes colors like black or dark brown, it could be a sign of a warm undertone.

2. How to choose the best hijab for your skin tone?

Now that you've determined your skin tone and undertone, let's discover what are the best hijab shades for your skin complexion.

Choosing a shade entirely depends on whether you have :

a) If you have a Fair skin tone

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Light shades go great by fairer skin complexions.

The best hijab color to wear: Neutrals, pastels, jewel tones but also lavender, seafoam green, blush, soft yellow, mint green, coral, ivory, peach, blue, gray.

b) If you have a Neutral / Medium skin tone

(Photo credit: @kishama )

The best hijab color to wear: Olive, purple, mustard, cranberry, green, royal blue, pink but also earth tones, brown, mocha, orange, red, burgundy, navy, pink, emerald, burgundy

A maroon hijab shade perfectly suits a neutral skin tone. Beige and sand shades hijabs seem fabulous on medium skin colors as well. Blue hijabs can be beautifully worn by both fair skins and neutral skins.

C) If you have a Dark skin tone

(Photo credit: @rampampam10 )

When you have a dark skin tone, almost everything suits you. Here are some beautiful colors that perfectly fit dark skin tones.

The best hijab color to wear: Jewel tones, plum, white, orange, pink, yellow, ruby but also fuchsia, royal blue, blush, pastel colors in general…

We'd love to know from you! Tell us in the comment what is your favorite colors to wear ❤️

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